9 - Primary Coffee Tastes (5- Fifth Part)

9 - Primary Coffee Tastes (5- Fifth Part)

 9 A  -  Briny
A salty taste & the sensation in the mouth after drinking coffee that has been over-brewed or exposed to excessive heat after brewing is likely to taste briny.  

9 B  -   Caramel
In a flavor and aroma, whenever the sugar is oxidized, it will then become caramelized. Coffee beans contain sugar which will caramelize during the roasting and if it is not burned, may note caramel.

9 C  -   Carbon
The flavor and aroma characteristic of burnt food, or smoky and burnt wood. Which is an indication of a dark roast coffee during the roasting.

9 D -  Chocolatey
You can find the chocolatey flavor of coffee in some Central American and Yemeni coffees which have a distinct chocolatey aroma and a slightly bitter-sweet chocolatey taste.  

9 E   - Citrus
Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee cherries, the aroma and taste of ripe citrus fruit notes are often found in coffee. Coffees with flavor characteristics of unripe citrus are described as "sour".  

9 F  -   Clean
Flavorful, but without any unusual flavors.
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