About us


About Chieti Coffee

Chieti Coffee in Las Vegas is now the premier and largest coffee roaster, tea, Gift & Souvenir importer in Nevada. 




Coffee Roaster

We specialize in roasting for wholesalers, retailers, food service such as restaurant, individuals for home-use and distributers.

We at Chieti Coffee Roasting, create consistently great coffee using the freshest premium beans, and use our sophisticated roasting technique each day. The end result of this process is amazing Espresso, fresh K-Cup & great Pour Over coffee.

We offer fresh whole bean, roast daily and shipped fresh after roasting for the richest flavor possible. We have a large roasting facility and tea importing and Packaging in Las Vegas. We also sell our coffee in green bean form for those who wish to home-roast their coffee.

Tea Importer

Chieti Coffee and the family have been involved in tea for over ten years, after many years of researching for the world’s finest tea garden, the only name came in mind was Ceylon tea which grows in a country called Sri-Lanka.

Accessories & Souvenir

No other wholesale store online or offline wholesaler is able to offer incredible souvenir, coffee and tea accessories. Special distribution relationships and our large selection of related product enable us to pass on savings to our customers.

We are constantly evaluating our competitive pricing to make sure that our pricing is in line and in most cases better than our competitors, and substantially lower than the prices you’ll find for similar products at your local   retailer. Why pay more at a retail store for the same quality product.


Chieti offers wholesale pricing to businesses and restaurant. We do this to protect the markets and margins of our many wholesaler customers around the USA.  

We offer wholesale sales and support for:


  • Specialty Coffee Retailers
  • Specialty Tea Retailers
  • Independent Hotels
  • Food Service Retailer
  • Souvenir Stores
  • Gift Basket Companies
  • And Many Others


Refund Policy
We are so confident of our quality, that if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you may ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Delivery Policy
We ship all order within 24 hours after receiving the customer order.

Call us today for more information at  (702) 902-2455