Choosing a Roast

Are you ready to go beyond the confines of store-bought mass market coffee? Are you ready for fresh roasted coffee that will really start your morning off right? Well, we’re glad to hear it! Chieti Coffee Roaster takes enormous pride in bringing you the best tasting coffee from around the world. We offer a wide variety of blends and roasts that will delight your taste buds. All you need to do is decide which roast level you would like to start out with. There is light, medium, dark, and dark espresso roast. But what is the difference in taste you may ask?

Light Roasted Coffee

The light roasted coffees bring out the original flavor and character of any particular coffee bean. For example, in a light roast you will be able to really tell the difference between a Guatemalan and Colombian blend. Now the downside of being able to taste so much of the original flavor is that the taste can be a bit extreme for many people. The natural flavors in the coffee being will be almost overpowering for many people. But for others, they love the fact that they are really getting a powerful taste experience in their morning cup of Joe.

Medium Roasted Coffee

Medium roasted coffee is sort of a compromise between light and dark roasted that is very flavorful because the coffee Bean has just begun the caramelization process. We halt the roasting process right before the coffee beans appear burnt or began to take on a dark chocolate color. Medium roast is definitely the most balanced roast you can go for. And it seems to be our most popular option.

Dark Roasted Coffee

Dark roasted coffee can give you very bold and rich flavors. However dark roasted coffee requires a lot of skill and experience during the roasting process. If great care is not taken the coffee will have been created or burnt flavor. And no one likes chard coffee. The key thing to remember in the dark roasted coffee is that caramelization is going to be the dominant factor in how the coffee tastes. The floral, Verdi, citrus, and fruit flavors that can come with medium and light roasted coffee are almost entirely absent in the dark roasted coffee. For those that like a dark roasted coffee we have a wonderful French roast option that you can take a look at.

Espresso Roast

Now when it comes to a dark roast espresso, you have four major options to go with. You have the full city roast, Vienna roasts, French roast, and Italian roast. Making an espresso requires high quality equipment and training. The darker roast is always the best roast for espresso’s, because the sugar in the beans has been fully caramelized thereby increasing the robustness of the flavor.

Please visit our store to choose a blend, roast, and size that fits you. We will ship your order within 24 hours and it is guaranteed to be a fresh roast every time.