Coffee Blends

Choosing the right coffee is a lot like choosing a fine wine. It’s a very difficult question to answer because everyone has different tastes and different palettes. Another thing that makes it challenging is that people have different objectives when drinking coffee. Some people need a quick caffeine jolt before they start their day. They like to drink coffee in “shots” quickly in the morning to start their day. Other people want to drink their coffee over a 20 to 30 minute. While they read a nice article on their tablet, or go through their morning routine. So if the blend of coffee and the manner in which you drink it is important to you here some information that may help choose a few blends to suit your needs. So let’s start by talking about whether you want the coffee dark or mild. Dark coffee is generally considered “old” and have a bitter bite to them that many new coffee drinkers don’t like. Other people love dark blends and generally like to see coffee with a high acidity and a complex flavor.

Much more popular among coffee drinkers is the medium blends. Some people will call this a mild blend, but these are basically light to medium roasts. This category of coffee is a very popular because you can flavor your coffee in so many different ways. This is a flexible blend and great for beginners.

Do you have more questions about which blend would work well for you? Send us an e-mail on our contact page and ask us and we will have one of our experts call you and guide you through the ordering process.