Ethical Sourcing

At Chieti Coffee Roaster, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously. We only buy coffee that has been ethically sourced from responsible companies that treat farmers with respect, dignity, and fair business practices. We believe that buying our delicious and high quality coffee in this manner helps create a better future for the entire coffee industry. Taking care of farmers and treating them right is vital to our values and our beliefs. Our coffee buying program ensures that the coffee we buy is of the highest quality– but also purchased from companies that have the highest ethical standards. We do everything we can to promote social, economic, and environmental standards that meet our customer’s, and our own, expectations. We are committed to fair trade practices in all of our purchasing decisions and encourage everyone in the industry, including our competitors, to do the same. We assist fellow coffee roasters around the country in securing fair trade beans and educating them on best practices. If you have any questions regarding our coffee sourcing procedures, please do not hesitate to stop by our business or contact us via e-mail and we will be happy to discuss this very important issue with you. Thank you so much for your business, and the trust that you have placed in us in bringing you the best tasting and ethically sourced coffee beans from the around the world.