Chieti Coffee Roaster

Chieti Coffee in Las Vegas is now the premier coffee roaster and tea importer in Southern Nevada. We at Chieti Coffee Roasting, create consistently great coffee using the freshest premium beans, in our sophisticated roaster each day. The end result of this process is amazing espresso and pour over coffees. The product of our Roast Master and the founder Nazy Kivaj is the new vision of how the real fresh coffee should be.

Chieti’s coffee experts have traveled the globe in search of the most flavorful coffees the world has to offer. Every bean we sell has been ethically sourced from farms our experts have personally visited and examined.

All Chieti coffees are sold whole bean and shipped fresh after roasting for the richest flavor possible. We fresh roast our beans at our Las Vegas facility. It’s also where our coffee experts develop new blends that unlock our beans’ full flavor and potential. We also sell our coffees in green bean form for those who wish to home-roast their coffee.

Refund Policy
We are so confident of our quality, that if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you may ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Delivery Policy
We ship all order within 24 hours after receiving the customer order.

Call us today for more information at  702-902-2455