Green Beans

If you’re a home coffee roaster and you are definitely at the right place.  Chieti Coffee Roaster offers high quality green coffee beans from all around the world. When choosing coffee beans to roast at home you must take a few things into account. The region that the beans come from, the taste but that region is known for, and the type of roast that you’re going to perform at home.  For example, coffee beans from Mexico tend to have a hazelnut flavor, whereas coffee beans from Guatemala may have a chocolaty flavor. These regions are very close geographically, but that underscores the importance of really deciding what type of flavor you want to have in your coffee. We take great care in separating our green coffee beans by region, so you can buy your coffee beans in bulk with the knowledge that we have taken all the precautions necessary not to mix the beans from different regions. We sell our green coffee beans and 5 pound bags are more, which makes sure that you get the very best price and value for your money. Another thing we take great pride in is inspecting all of our beans before we shipped them. A lot of online retailers do not take the care to personally inspect every bag before it ships. We take the time to make sure that every single bag is inspected and guaranteed fresh, and is up to our standards.

And since these are the beans that we use to roast our special blend of delicious coffees, you know that you’re getting the very best that we have to offer.

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